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March 16, 2012 / doganay

ORA-24550: signal received: [si_signo=11] [si_errno=0] [si_code=1] [si_addr=c]


ORA-24550: signal received: [si_signo=11] [si_errno=0] [si_code=1] [si_addr=c]



These errors are not oracle errors. For example this one is a c-code failure:

SIGSEGV 11 Core Segmentation fault -- an address reference boundary error


You can add these lines to sqlnet.ora


This action turns off the OCI signal handler and re-enable standard operating system failure processing.

You can refer to metalink note:

ORA-24550 Signal Received Error From Client Based Application [ID 1284564.1]

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  1. Mike / Feb 5 2014 11:09 am

    Hi I had the same error on a four node RAC cluster, when trying to run rman backups. Traced the problem to one of the nodes running very close to it’s ‘processes’ setting of 500. This explaned why it was intermittently failing when the rman user was trying to connect to this node. All services running on this node so i reloacted services and this dropped the processes to around 400. No further problems found. Hope this helps someone.

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