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February 5, 2013 / doganay

ORA-01031: insufficient privileges while sqlplus / as sysdba by LDAP USER


You login with an ldap user and try sqlplus / as sysdba :

ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

But you have membership of both dba and oinstall:

# id doganaym
uid=10031(doganaym) gid=2003(VeriTabaniServerAdmins) groups=2003(VeriTabaniServerAdmins),1031(dba_1031),1000(dba_1000),506(dba_506),503(dba_503),502(dba_502),501(dba),500(oinstall),201(dba_201),102(dba_102)

# /usr/bin/getent passwd doganaym
doganaym:VAS:10031:2003:Mustafa Doganay:/home/users/doganaym:/bin/bash


The root cause of the problem is that, sqlplus checks   /etc/group   in a hard-coded way.


Add LDAP user at the end of dba and oinstall lines into /etc/group  file:


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